Interview: The Fear of Abandonment

Hi everybody, I am here with a special quest, let’s warmly welcome the Fear of Abandonment!

Thank you for inviting me. It is not usual to get invitations.

Oh, sorry to hear that. However, I myself am very happy for the chance to meet more of you. Could you start by shortly telling something about yourself?

By all means. I am the Fear of Abandonment. Most often I stick around with my Customers from a very early age. It is kind of funny, how some Customers do not recognize me and behave in certain situations headlessly.

(tingling laughter)

Sorry, that’s our business humour.

I see. Humour tends to be very close to your heart?

Yes. I wish there was more laughter in the world. Although, my dear friend the Fear of being a clown can tell you more about it.

Have I understood correctly that you Fearlings have pretty vast networks?

Indeed we have. And the best part of it all, we can exchange Customers in a heartbeat. That makes our work infinitely interesting.

How do you acquire Customers?

Very easily. Just a minor heartache employs many Fearlings, from which many are my good friends.

Could we take a picture of you for the audience to see?

Of course. I usually just don’t portrait well. But that’s ok, at least I really can’t get abandoned, since being the fear of that myself, huh?

(Laughes again, it’s catchy and I start to laugh also)

It is very good picture. I suppose you have to get back to your Customer soon?

Yes, This time it is very exciting to see my Customer’s actions. We Fearlings never talk about our Customers with their names, so their identity is safe and secure. Although, with that anonymite, I can share this with you: I have been with this Customer quite a while, but haven’t got recognized yet. Now we have reached some kind of crossroads. I think that one or other will happen soon, either the Customer will recognize me, and we’ll have a chat and most important, laugh together. Or the Customer will end a relationship with another Customer in order to avoid abandonment!

That sounds very interesting!

Doesn’t it. I just love to be a Fearling!

I sure can believe it. I hope to see you soon again.

We will! It’s bye for now!

Bye bye.


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